17 May 2011

♕ David Guison ♕

David Guison
Photographer/Blogger/Model/ Writer/Art Student/Brand Ambassador

Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.

I'm an art student taking up Multimedia Arts at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde - School of Design and Arts. I'm a writer, a freelance photographer and a model. I started blogging about a year ago. I was having such a boring summer so I decided to put up a blog. A blog wherein I would post funny things I see on the internet. When my parents got me a camera, I started posting my photos on my blog. Photos of random things. Then I started bringing my camera to school and my friend would take pictures of my outfit for that day. Then my friend invited me to Lookbook.nu and people seemed to like it! I would get emails from brands to do a collaboration with them. It's weird 'cause I never post solo pictures of myself on my blog and in blog collaborations, I have to take photos of myself wearing their clothes, so that's pretty weird for me when I was just starting. But I'm very thankful for all the blessings that comes. :)

People knows you because of your military look? Is this your own signature look?
I guess that's the look I was into back then. My style always change. Right now I'm into basics and colors!

What are your passions?
Gee, I don't know where to start! Haha I'm very passionate about photography. It's my first love. But I also like modeling (though I know I'm not fit for the job haha), I also love dancing! I've joined competitions in the past! I also love 2d animation! I could just spend the whole day at the studio drawing and animating. I want to try everything!

Fashion tip for the season?
Tank tops, shorts, flip-flops. Wear light-colored and comfortable clothes. It's seriously too hot in the country right now. 

If you owned a shop, what would it be called?
Geeeez I don't know. Something deep and people wouldn't understand hahaha

What are your Favorite fashion blogs?
Pelayo Diaz of Kate Loves Me, Aimee Song of Song of Style, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Andy Torres of Style Scrap Book, Laura Allard-Fleischl of Pony Hunter and Andreas Wijk! These people are such great writers with amazing sense of style! 

Favorite shop spots?
Forever 21 Men, Topman and SM Department Store!

Favorite stylist/s?

Carlos Concepcion! I had a chance to work with him in fashion week and I like all the looks he styled! Such a talented and nice guy. 

Fashion Motto:
Wear whatever you think looks good on you, and of course you should feel good too. (Okay that wasn't a motto haha)

Your Biggest Splurge.
When I had a shoot for a magazine and they gave me the payment right after, then I went to the mall and spent everything hahaha. But I mostly spent it on food and gadgets though haha.

What can you advice to those who haven't had enough budget to buy
awesome clothes?
THRIFT SHOP!!! 20% of the looks I posted on Lookbook.nu (http://lookbook.nu/davidguison) are from thrift stores! And they get hyped! You just have to keep your eyes open, you'll never know what you'll find!

From the Philippine Fashion Week : Forever 21 with co-ambassadors Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon,Tricia Gosingtian and Angelica

Photo courtesy of David Guison



  1. GREAT INTERVIEW! I see big future ahead of you.

  2. @Mike Thank You!!! I've seen your artwork that you've made for david, I super like it :D

  3. IM INGGGGEEEEEEEEEEET T_T I really admire you kath :D

  4. How did you interview David Guison? Do you know him personally or was it like Linnea na random lang?


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