27 July 2010

Where Can I find me?

Exams finished. I've seen the results and it's not so good. I've got a lot of lower scores especially in programming (my major) hell yeah!. And still blaming myself, Why i didn't study hard?? BTW. My instructor consult me this morning about my subjects and course. She said that she thinks I'm not quite serious in my studies(which is a fact that i won't deny), that I just feel relaxed. She keep asking questions, If I Love the course that I take, or what. But you know what I don't know what to say. Because I think i can't explain to her further what was my plan to my life. and then I realized that I have some goals in life that I still want to accomplish and years is passing by but any of those is still on the point that it's quite impossible for me to reach. :( Is it I'm wasting my time in doing things that I'm really not into?


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