02 November 2010

I already loved her so so so so much…. I just wanted to know if what I feel for her is true, but I think it is, it really is! Back in the past, I dreamed of having her and now that she’s already into me I was having a trouble in my feelings. Especially because of the people around us and if what’s going to happen if we pursue our relationship. But now what I put first is my happiness, a true happiness every time I’m with her. It’s because of the feeling that when I’m with her is super happy! And to hear those words telling me that she loves me too was like the best thing happened to my day. She always makes my day extraordinary :)) so what could I ask for? But whenever I asked for advice to some of my friends, they are telling me that I’m going to be happy just at first, but in the end I will left crying and so after that I am left wondering again if what will I do but still I always come to a decision that I’m going to stick with her. Because what I feel is true. I’m afraid my family will know all of these. It’s my Big Dirty Little Secret and the sweetest sin that I have made and there’s no reason for me to be guilt of what I’ve done it’s because I love her so much. Ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Enough for the drama and let’s just enjoy the Halloween everyone!!!!

Kathleen Lira


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