13 January 2011

First week of the year ^^

It’s been an interesting week. Full of usual high’s and low’s. Saturday night was lovely. Sunday was a pretty lazy day, I slept for the morning as I didn’t sleep much Saturday night. I woke up early Monday morning to catch up a parade with my friends. Then at my friend’s house for a couple of hours, came home again, sleep for an hour and went back out to my friend’s house. Go to carnival, but instead of having the rides there, we spend our time playing Binggo. It is such a fun game. After that we watched fireworks and get ourselves something to eat which was pretty tasty. It’s a shame that I woke up Tuesday morning lazy, still sleepy and I am not in the mood to be in school. Therefore, I cut one class just to take a little nap. Still this day done so well except for a little shame that, I got from our Comart teacher. Ha-ha! Good thing that there is someone who never fail to put a smile on my face. Wednesday Love, Love, Love, Love?? Ha-happiness! Thursday… Nothing much happened this day.. Tomorrow! I ‘m at school for whole day. Not looking forward to it at all.

Kathleen Lira


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