26 April 2011

Interview with a Photographer/Designer | Charlotte Rouge

Charlotte Rouge

Tell us about yourself and your job? 
My name is Natalie, I am 21 and live in Poland. I wish I stopped at this age and moved anywhere warmer - to Spain or France to go on with my life. I run my own company for 3 years, I am a photographer, now also a designer and am engaged to a wonderful man. I wouldn't ever change that :) 

Tell us about your personal style.
I always say, that my style is indescribable. It's kinda chic, punked and romantic. I don't like lots of jewelery, except large rings and simple necklaces :)

What's the name of your own modelling agency? and tell us about it.
My modeling agency is WonderModels. The name comes from Wonder Woman, because we believe that models have superpowers :) We are a friendly agency that helps young girls make their dreams come true. We are training them, building portfolios and promoting abroad.

You're running a modelling agency, Did you or do you model too?
I have never been a professional model, but I have been posing for myself, my fiancee and a friend for the first few years of learning how to photograph. To be a model was always my dream, but I'm too short and have too many hang-ups about my body;)

Do you have any style icons or idols that you look up too?

I used to observe some 'icons' all the time looking for inspiration, but today I just read and 'watch' fashion blogs. You people inspire me best!

What can't you live 

I can't live without love. And music :)

Who take your photos? 
I used to take them myself, but it's so nice this spring, so I ask my fiancée to take a camera and go for a walk :)

You blog, facebook, run a company, photography, your'e a good fiancee and you still manage it. So How do you do it?
I am a workaholic, my spare time is my job, you could say. I don't work, I just do what I love. And it gives me the strength to get up, dress and create every day.

What are your favorite looks on your lookbook page? 
Check them yourself at my Lookbook page: http://lookbook.nu/user/128981-Natalie-G :)

Do you have a Signature look? 
My style changes all the time a little bit. And I don't like to wear twice the same clothes. So I mix them and I guess I don't have a signature look :)

Style advice that you can give to all the readers.
Do everything to fulfill your dreams and goals. It's the best that you can for yourself.  

Marcin & Natalie Photography


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