19 May 2011

Slumberdoll : Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia Gosingtian of Triciawillgoplaces. She's one of the person who influences me to do an outfit posts. A Photographer,  Blogger, Stylist, Entrepreneur and a Model. What she does are the things that I really want to do too. You may also see her on some of my posts here. Actually, I have my own folder in my files only full of photos of her (not really a stalker). Tricia's blog was one of the reasons why I put up my own blog. In addition, in her recent look on Lookbook, which I hyped. I leave there a comment. Because most of the time she ‘s out of the country, Travelling. Truly, tricia go places! I missed seeing her on an outfit posts. That's why I said there that she have to keep posting looks on her lookbook so that she will still be the first Filipina biggest gainer on the list.  Then I didn't really expect that she will respond to my comment. So this is what she said, "As much as I want to post more often, I don't want to force myself to shoot even if I can't or don't want to, just so I can gain more Lookbook points. Quality over quantity - I still have the highest average (only 97 looks but 1256 average hypes), which I think is more important? :)"  --- Which she only proves that for only 97 looks, she still earn the biggest karma points unlike the other lookbookers. 

That's why I've decided to post some of my favorite looks of Slumberdoll of the Philippines: Tricia Gosingtian from her Lookbook back then and now..

 Photo Courtesy of Lookbook.nu/slumberdoll


  1. keep on reaching your dreams kathleen^_^..kc yan din ginagawa ko ngayon...reach the stars kath!!..more power.:)

  2. nakalimutan ko ung name ko..:DD.haha..marvin toH^_


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