02 July 2011

Interview ~ Charliet Clothier

Charliet Clothier
an 18 year old student/blogger who creates great costumes and fashionable clothes.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Charliet Clothier I am 18 years old. I am currently waiting to sit my level exams in English literature and English language then I am free for the summer! I am hoping that I pass them so I can continue with my studies next year in an art foundation. I live in Wales, nothing happens here so it’s up to me to take the journey into the big wide world of reality i.e. cities! That’s where it all happens and you’re put up against your worst enemy in the industry! I am interested in a lot of things at the moment and just trying to find myself in a specific field which I want to continue in the future. 

What are your passions?
My passions are costumes like clowns/ lolita's/ super heros/ anything that brings fashion into a world where we can be any character we want. I think that fashion creates characters in everyone. I love conceptual photography and expressing my dark past and bringing in something that shocks the viewers. One of my biggest achievements was capturing my saliva in one of my photos to show the viewers what I witnessed as a child. My mother suffering from panic/asthma attacks that they got so severe they eventually took hold of her body and we lost her in 2004. 
Here is one of the images : 

The dark eyes and purple suffocated lips make people disturbed and disgusted. but I think to create a photo that terrifies people and yet brings them to love the beauty within the photo may help us over come fears such as death e.t.c.
With fashion I am really into contrasting childhood colours like pinks and blues and adding gothic make up to add the edge to it. I think it creates a great juxtapose.

Describe your Personal Style?
Well my personal style consists of a mixture of everything, I don't stick to one style. I like to buy clothes that are completely different to those in the high street stores. Even my dad isn't very supportive of me wearing such weird clothes. He said to me one day why don't you dress like those other normal girls you see, the ones that look grown up. But I just love costumes and anything that makes me feel confident. I don't think I ever want to find a style I am comfortable with, it is my biggest fear to just wear t-shirts and jeans all the time. haha well I do at home but when I go out I need to respect everyone by dressing up.

When did you get interested in fashion?

I think since I first discovered the scissors. At the age of 9 I started cutting my own clothes and customising everything. There are some really embarrassing photos of me when I thought I looked cool. My mother used to dress me in the most bizarre outfits I can remember when I first started primary school in my new hometown and everyone thought I was a clown. I can't remember what I was wearing but I think it was something very weird but I felt confident in it and I was happy because my mother chose it for me.
I would always be the trend setter in primary school and I loved the fact that people looked up to me. I used to buy clothes from tammy and the next thing you know all my friends were like clones of me :) it was fun but then became annoying when I didn't get the credit for starting the trend :P I then became more interested in fashion when I did school performances I was so surprised that a costume/outfit can change someone's personality and confidence. I also loved the outfits barbie had of course and always used to react a fashion runway or theatrical plays.
What are your fashion must-haves?
Oh the list can go on and on I think the 'must have' is money! if you don't have it you cant buy anything. At the moment I have none of it. But I would say a must have is just something so different so unique so outstanding that normal people would only wear once because of the fear of humiliation, but people like me would wear it to bed. I'm not for designer items because I hate labels. I prefer something thats made by the person because it makes it so much more special than a must have? I mean everything in fashion is a must have!

What are your fashion trademark? Do you have your own signature look?
Haha yes probably. I mean I am liking the lolita look at the moment contrasted with black lips and heavy eyeliner. But I don't want to come across as 'emo' or 'scene' because I hate labels. I think my trademark is forever growing and I don't want to find a signature. I think just having an ever changing trademark/signature is so much better than being stuck with an expectation that people have of you. I like to surprise people all the time.

What are your favorite fashion blogs?
Urm I really love Bebe Zeva's blog because her outfits always have a different theme every time she posts them. Which I find amazing. I also loved her lookbook interview it made me love her even more because I felt I could empathise with her words especially when she said "you wouldn't dress like that in front of the queen!" I love her confidence and thats the key to fashion you have to feel confident with your body and your style for others to have confidence in you. My other favourite is Bobby Raffin's because he dresses in different themes/styles all the time which I really admire. I would love a whole wardrobe of cowboy hats or spaceboots, feather boa's and silky gloves. It would be my dream. 
Top 3 Places you want to visit and why?
1.USA because of the many thrift stores and so many states I want to visit I just love the place and the accents.

2.France because I love the whole romantic feel in the air, I went abroad for the first time when I was 12 with the school and it left me feeling that I belonged there.

3.Japan of course because of its cuteness and food and lolita's and ahhh everything I just love it, especially because I have featured in a magazine called 'Gimmie' over there I have fallen in love with their style.

Fashion Motto.

Life is a stage and you have to chose your character, so put on your costume and perform to your best!! 

Style Advice.
Confidence. thats it. a style would be nothing if you didn't walk down the street with your shoulders back your head held high and have a huge smile on your face. Love yourself because no one else will love you as much as you can.

Your message to Kathastrophee?

Thank you for the interview. I am so happy you found me through lookbook. Sometimes I post things on there and don't realize that lots of people are looking at them or even liking them, its a huge plus for me! :) xxx <3



Photo courtesy of Charliet Clothier


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