05 September 2011

Lovely Inspiration

   This is Zoe Flood of Grand Theft Thrift.
She's one of the first's person who inspired me in the Lookbook community.
I always waits for Zoe's looks back then. And the picture above was one of her looks which her dress became my inspiration for my last year's acquaintance. :)

I tried to tell Zoe about this and show my photo to her and she said that she really love this and she will be amazingly flattered if I'll post it here. So.. here it goes. I'm so glad that she liked it. :D  I remembered my hair back then that was too short and I thought that the improvement of how long my hair was on my shoulder level. For a year? Imagining what I did to my hair and It was horror! lol. Anyhow, I'm gonna stop discussing about my hair issues and will gonna talk here soon! Haha. I have a busy week. but now I'm so thankful that our midterm exam are finished and I'm just wishing you all a happy weekend! 


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