13 April 2011

Linnea Jacobson: Miss anything, just ask! | Interview With Linnea Jacobson.

Tell us about yourself and where you live.
My name is Linnea Jacobson and I'm fourteen and live in Sweden!

Tell us about your personal style.
My style is very vintage, I almost always buy my clothes at 2hand! It's also very youthful, feminine and mixed!

Your Signature look?

Oxford shoes and girly vintage dress, I guess! I love oxfords and I almost wear dresses!

What are your favorite fashion blogs?

Fashiontoast, for sure! I love Rumi Neely, I love her style and her pics!

Fashion Motto.
You wanna be one of a kind, be your self.

What can't you live without?
My oxfords! They're so comfortable! I can't live without my camera too of course.

Who are your favorite fashion designers?

My favorite designer is Miuccia Prada aka miu miu and Vivienne Westwood!

What camera and lens are you using in Photoshoot?
Vivitar 85 mm f/1.4

What's your style advice that you could give to your fans?
Not too many layers, not clothes on clothes, keep it simple and it will become more chic and sophisticated!

Meet her cute little bunny. A present from her friends when she turned 14.

Want to visit Linnea Jacobson Site? visit her on LinneaJacobson ,her blog turnitoff and lookbook account Linnea/turnitoff.

Last Night, I've thought about the things I should put on my blog and it is to feature famous people from the web such as fashion bloggers, fashionistas and etc. Looking at the lookbook site, I've seen the fresh and hot looks posted by different gorgeous people in the community. As I scrolled down the page, I've seen the latest look of Linnea and then checked her profile. I came to visit her blog and site until I saw that she has a facebook account, I added her instantly and after a few minutes, she confirmed me. I went to her profile right away and found out that she was on FB chat. I sent a simple 'hello' and had a conversation with her. She was just so sweet and very approachable that when I convinced her to an interview for my blog, she replied immediately and said 'sure'. I'm so glad that I've got lucky on my first interview and I hope that the next one that I'll get to interview with is as nice as Linnea! Now I've become a fan of this 14-year old girl, I wish I was like her when I was 14. Haha! So, It's a wrap everyone!

Kathleen Lira



  2. NICE :)
    LUCKY LIRA :))
    wai gd b ko mahambal eh :)
    nami lang gd xa :)

  3. nice lagi cia lir...

    hope maging famous model kaman.. basi magdamu man fans mo

  4. Super AWESOME!
    Grabeh na mga ginainterview mo miss blogger ba. XD

  5. amazing. she's only 14! so impressive. hehe. congrats lir.

  6. congrats lir! <3


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