15 April 2011

Paul Jatayna : Hi Kathleen! I hope to see you in person! :) I remember giving you a Lookbook code before LOL | Interview With Paul Jatayna

21, Superpop/Indie Rokker

Tell us about yourself and your job.
I'm Paul Jatayna. 21 yrs old. Accessory designer for OS. :)

Describe your personal style.
Street style infused with superheroes, semi-androgynous sex, and indie rock and roll. 

How important is fashion for you?
There are far more important things in this world than fashion, but I have to say that dressing up stimulates me to wake up every morning.

What are your passions?
I love trying to see things in a different angle.

Who influences you?
No one in particular. All my ideas and self-expression probably were formulated by my addiction to superheroes when I was young. I used to draw superhero costumes and imagine different characters what their super power would be. Another influence is my Mom's collection of mixtapes from 80's new wave and 90's grunge & post rock. And of course, the beautiful rave scenes of the 90's.

What are your favorite fashion blogs?
So many to mention! Locally, I love my friends' blogs (Inkarlcerating, Deathbyplatforms, Toxicdiscoboy,  Jponfashionspeed, etc.) For the international blogs I always adored katelovesme.net and fuckingyoung.es. Although I really try to research on new blogs that I haven't discovered yet if I have the time.

Favorite Shop spots.

What can't you live without?
Lipbalm, phone, atm, and iPod

Your Signature look.
I'm not sure! Maybe the caped shirt from Proudrace.

What type of music are you listening to?
I jump from all kinds of genre! I can give you a mixtape from 60's to 2011.

Paularoid the name of  his blog

Do you have any idols that you look up to?
No one in particular.

How do you see yourself in the future?
I don't want to think of the future yet. LOL it makes me think too deep!

Fashion motto.
I can't think of any fashion motto now. LOL

Style advice.
Never stick to one particular style. It's fun to play with clothes

I totally love this bone necklace collection ♥ OS team were so good for making a collection that was so remarkable because they had created a unique pieces that  they can brought internationally. I wish I could buy also one of these.


When I thought of the next fashion blogger that I'll be featuring, I thought that it should be a Filipino, So I chose Paul Jatayna. I remembered him when I want to have an account on lookbook and I asked a code to him so I can join. That's why I thought that this guy was so approachable. If I'll ask him, I think he will surely agree. HAHA. and then I sent him a message regarding this and after a few minutes he replied and said 'just shoot some questions'. He's just so sweet and I am so right!  But of course what I really like about him is that he's not afraid of trying new things and He's open minded. He likes experimentating in his fashion. He meet awesome and different people everyday. Hopefully someday I could find a work that is good as his.

So this is now my second time to do this thing, I hope I have an improvement. and Thank you so much Paul Jatayna. 

Kathleen Lira

Want to see more of Paul? Visit this site Paularoid, Follow him on twitter and check his latest look on lookbook .


  1. i 2nd the motion. haha. it's really fun to play with clothes :D

  2. I don't like his style.

  3. This is awesome Paullie!

  4. dis s cool...

  5. i wud suggest a local fashionistas or artist perhaps......dis a nice blog indeed....
    more info. for the featured blogger pls

  6. Yes, there's more Local fashion bloggers/fashionistas interviews will be featured here.. like F21 ambassadors David Guison and Dominique Tiu this May. :))


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