29 April 2011

Reese Lansangan l Graphic designer/ Musician/ Occasional Stylist/ Artist

    Reese Lansangan
Graphic designer/Musician/
    Occasional fashion stylist/Artist

Tell us about yourself.

Reese Lansangan is a 20 year old graphic designer, musician, occasional fashion stylist, and mad artist at work.

She is a vicious, fashion-crazy felon with an excessive obsession for clothes, magazines, jewelry, books, and nail polish. She likes art, dressing up, buying things and collecting things that sparkle. She also likes abusing color.

In a nutshell, Reese is many things that she cannot compromise. 

Personal Style.

My style is a weird cross between a dreamy Victorian Geek who sips tea with her stuffed animals, and an offbeat DIY guru with fake pearls, feathers, and plastic toys hanging down my neck. 

What's your fashion trademark? Do you have a signature accessory or look?

I've always been big on DIY and kiddy, colorful stuff, but I guess my trademark would have to be my hair. Last year, I dyed my tips teal and now it has evolved into a rainbow explosion of some sort. It's safe to say I will perpetually experiment on hair color for a very long time, if not for the rest of my life.

Fashion Influences.

Asian street style, crude art, books and magazines, the Internet, toys, and nonsensical Japanese things.

Who are your favorite local fashion bloggers?

Even though Chuvaness is an all-around blogger, I love her eye for tasteful things, and I love everything that she blogs about. Always informative and entertaining!

Dress-up time.

It depends, sometimes I take around 5 minutes tops when I'm feeling spontaneous / running late, but sometimes I take as long as 30 minutes, transferring from room to room and throwing clothes and hangers all over the bedspread!

Tell us about your passion in fashion and music.

Currently, I am half of the acoustic duo, Reese & Vica (we won NU 107's College Band of the Year 2010!) and also part of a power-pop band called Dressed Up Days - as a vocalist who makes silly faces on stage, basically.
like their fan page here

I've always been raised in a musical and artistic environment. As a kid, my dad would always play guitar and make me sing songs whenever we have family gatherings. He bought me tapes of cool artists, and introduced me to Spice Girls and N'Sync. As for art, we own a gallery and my parents are both in the art business. I've always made homemade cards for every occasion with crayons and cardstock. So music and art had always been second nature to me. My interest in fashion just developed eventually :)

Fashion Motto.

More is more.

I like overdoing things. I like clashing patterns and piling stuff on my neck or wrists. I am oblivious to the word tacky and fashion faux pas, and if rainbow colored legs make me happy, then by God, I will wear those gradient leggings. I'm almost never a classy dresser =))

That and, Buyer's remorse is something even I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Favorite things to shop.

I never go out of the house with some sort of obnoxious accessory - whether it's an oversized toy ring, a naked doll necklace, a sequined hat, a stack of neon arm bands - I'll be sure to have them on. So when shopping, I'm always on the lookout for unique pieces

Top 3 favorite places you've visited.

Thailand - the culture, the food, the shopping = amazing

Spain - such a vibrant an colorful city. The language is beautiful as well.

Disneyworld - does Disneyworld count? CAUSE it's a world I could live in for all eternity (provided it would always be daytime and the parks would never close)

Next place you want to travel? and why?

Egypt to visit the pyramids and ride a camel. Someday I wanna go to the Dead Sea, but this year, we're going back to New York to catch the New Year's countdown in Times Square! Psyched x gabajillion!

Biggest Splurge.

I don't splurge a lot when it comes to individual pieces, except maybe for shoes. Cheap shoes can be lovely but most of the time you do get what you are paying for in terms of quality. I've bought a lot of cheap ones in the past that just fall apart through time, so spending on footwear than clothes makes a bit more sense to me.

I, for one, love shoe collaborations and thankfully my Mom agrees to spend on the ones I've been lusting for (e.g. Adidas x Jeremy Scott Mickey sneaks and clear winged shoes, Doc Martens x Sanrio boots, Doc Martens metallics)

It's even more worth it spending on them cause my sister and I share footwear, plus I wear them to death as well, as you'll see on my blog :))

Favorite Shop Spots.
My family likes doing bulk shopping where during our trips abroad, we shop until our feet gives (rarely happens) / until our baggage weight can allow. I love going to Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the US for shopping. Locally, I love going to The Ramp, even just to stare at all the clothes and shoes! Also, I go to department stores and thrift stores a lot, as I don't like spending much on clothing unless it's an absolutely heart-stopping piece. 

Favorite Brands.

I have a lot of favorite brands but most of them I can't afford / don't actually own / will not ever own in my lifetime. So I'm gonna say Doc Martens for shoes, 

Who influences you in music?

I have a whole library of female indie artists which I love to death and I just take bits and pieces of everyone and that inspires me with my songwriting. A special mention to Imogen Heap, who is a goddess, no less, and to all the amayyyzing Youtube artists I stalk who are incredible and deserve every bit of fame in the world!

Have you written a song?

Yes I have written a lot of songs, whether as a duo Reese & Vica (with my partner Vica, of course) or just on my own. I feel that most of the songs I write on my own aren't as post-worthy as the ones I do with Vica. I am so self-critical when it comes to songwriting and rarely do I feel proud and satisfied of what I've written. I think my favorite song so far though, would have to be Trophy Boy! I wrote the lyrics while I was in History class, and wrote the melody as soon as I got home. Check out the music video my lovely friends 

at Stache made for me!

Favorite books.

Definitely A Series of Unfortunate Events - virtually anything by Daniel Handler. That man is ace. I also have a special place in my heart for Roald Dahl. His children's stories are great, but I'm mostly a fan of his mind-blowing short-stories!

Style Advice.

Take risks, wear what makes you happy, don't overthink and don't take it too seriously. Style should reflect who you are and what you want and what you're thinking and feeling. It shouldn't be contrived and should rarely be uncomfortable (exception is when you're wearing godsent glorious heels, maybe) 

Love all of her photos!
She'll be featured in Candy Mag this May 2011(Style Diary)
see photo here

Her own composition Trophy Boy (Official Video of Trophy Boy)

Photo courtesy of Reese Lansangan


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