27 May 2011

Interview with Nathalie Le

Nathalie Le
18 year-old student from France

Tell us about yourself.
Hi Kathastrophee's readers ! c:
I'm Nathalie, from France. I'm 18 and I'm living in Dijon (for studies) and Troyes. I am currently studying in Faculty of Medicine of Dijon, in first year. But I'm always connected to my computer haha !

Describe your personal style.

I don't have any particular style. I am inspired by "Asian" fashion, I've never spent on expensive clothes. I try to find a cute style, elegant, cheap, sometimes casual. I very often wear dresses and I love clothes with pastel colors, or white / cream !

What are your passions?

I am passionate about all aspects of fashion, photography, technology, dance, music (especially K-pop (Korean pop for those who don't know haha)) and I'm always looking for what can help me every day.

You don't look French?
That's right ! My origins are Vietnamese but I was born in France ;p

Your Biggest Splurge.
 I don't really see what was my biggest splurge since I rarely buy expensive clothes… But I'd say this winter during the sales where I really splurge. I think I never spent as much in clothes before haha~!

Have you already been in a fashion week? If yes, could you tell us your experience?
I've never been in a fashion week because I didn't have the occasion/the time to go there. But it looks awesome ! haha

What are your favorite shops spot?
 My clothes come mostly from H&M, Zara, New Look, French and Chinese shops and especially Zipia (a site of Korean clothes: http://zipia.net/)

How did you get interested in fashion?
It started to interest me since not too long ago actually. I think it came from when I started to buy on Zipia and I am surrounded by friends who are also interested in fashion. The creation of my LookBook and taking photos with my friends also strongly influenced me.

Fashion must-haves.
 I think my "must-haves" are accessories ! I always like having a necklace, ring or headband on me. I also love everything like bows ! I think that's my trademark haha~

What can you advice to those who haven't had enough budget to buy awesome clothes ?

It's exactly me. I don't really have a lot of money to spend on clothes so I do a lot of research, I buy on the internet, I wait the sales. The best advices I can say is go to thrift stores, you can find things that will delighteveryone ! But also indulge yourself and don't hesitate on a favorite ! ;p

Your message to Kathastrophee.

I hope readers don't have too much trouble to read my interview. It was a real pleasure to receive this request from Kathleen ! Her blog is excellent, I invite everyone to follow her !
I wish a good continuation to Kathastrophee, see you very soon I hope !
Thank you~


Photo courtesy of Nathalie Le


  1. awesome interview!

  2. so weird seeing a bunch of pictures i took on another site haha.
    good interview tho! i didn't know about your blog until she told me about it ;)



  3. Thank You so much Johanne! Great blog, I love all of your looks and style. :)


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