03 June 2011

Interview with Mr. MkFly~Mike Miguel

Mike Miguel
Student/Graphic/Layout Artist/

Tell us about yourself and what do you do?

The name's really Mike Gabriel Miguel, but I use MIGI coz that's 
what most people call me. I'm a student, "fashionisto", blogger, party animal,
graphics designer, layout artist, cartoonist, amateur photographer & writer and HOPEFULLY a soon to be stylist--well let's just say everything in the field of arts. LOL

Describe your Personal style.
I really don't know the term for my personal style but I describe it as "Street dapper meets skater dude"--get the picture? LOL

What are your passions?
Well, as I said, I'm really into the field of arts. I'm into absolutely anything as long as it involves creating, styling, designing or 
anything that brings out or challenges my creative self.

How did you get interested in fashion?
Ever since I was kid, I've always wanted to stand out, I tried so many stuff--sometimes crazy-- just to 
avoid being mediocre. But now that I'm more mature, I realized, why do I have to do this kinds of stuff If i can just 
be unique through the stuff I wear, well It involves less energy and it also shows what I really am as a person without even opening my mouth.

Aside from fashion, What else did you do?

I also got into photography, and through photography I discovered Photoshop, and how else could I let people see my works 
than to Blog, and through blogging, I got into writing, and from then on, the list just keeps on getting longer & longer. LOL

What are your favorite fashion blogs?
I rarely scroll through fashion blogs, I get my inspirations on Lookbook.

Favorite Shop Spots.
I love Dept. stores & Thrift shops, I'm from Dagupan, we really don't have lots of fashion houses here-- 
but it kinda serves as an advantage, for it pushes you to work with what you got. [I'm out of the question na. HAHA]

Top 3 Places you want to visit and why?
New york! I would definitely love to visit the fashion capital of the world and see lots of people who shares the same love for style, and of course, the very beautiful Paris,
and If I'm lucky, maybe I'd find Mrs. Miguel there[haha], and last but not the least, Vegas baby! LOL

Do you have your own Signature look?
Signature look? well I have none, but SHADES are surely my signature item.[check out my looks on facebook & lookbook] HAHA

More looks of Mike Miguel on his Facebook and Lookbook account.

Style Advice:
ACESSORIZE. It completes the whole look, and gives that added KAZAAM to the outfit. HAHA. and THRIFT STORES, you surely can find great buys on the most unlkely places.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/migitowt

Photo Courtesy of: Mike Miguel


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