18 February 2012


Hand drawn doodle shirt from Dreametry Doodle.
A Doodle is simple scribble drawn by a person who loves to explore their own mind or someone who loves to day dream a lot.  Doodle is an impromptu drawing, you should try it yourself! I think everyone should doodle each day, it would widen your imagination and creativity. :)

It has been a long time since I've conducted an interview. Here are some few questions I asked from the owner/designer of Dreametry Doodle about her indie clothing line.

What does "Doodle" mean to you?
   "Doodle" for me means expressing one's self by drawing effortlessly, I think it's a way for people to reveal their inner state while expanding their creativity and It's my own medication for boredom and depression too.

Why did you call your Indie Clothing Line "Dreametry Doodle"?
  You're in a Classroom, filled with questions/problems you couldn't answer, lessons that you wouldn't want to know and a teacher who sucks at teaching... You are perplexed and you're experiencing boredom, What should you do? You couldn't just get out of class physically;your only choice is to drive your attention to anything except things that was mentioned above of course ;).
Day dreaming while looking at your classroom crush, thinking of pretty things that you feel... And then you felt that you needed to express these feelings by drawing...
That was the day I started doodling for the sake of boredom and creativity, I got so hooked up on Doodling that it became my daily activity; it became my tunnel of hope when I feel bored, sad, happy, excited and depressed.

You have your "Diary" and I have my "Doodle Book", It came to my mind... Why not draw everyday so I could improve my noobness on drawing while expressing my feelings on my Doodle Book?  For ages of streaming my conciousness out, I really thought Doodling should spread more; it could help improve your creativity (tested and proven .)
I asked for suggestions from my siblings and close friends for the name of the upcoming indie clothing line, I remember having "Drolled Doodle" first because my scribbles are somewhat weird and funny but when my sister, Jerika, suggested "Dreametry Doodle" I suddenly loved the idea behind the name;

Isn't it cute to make your own little term for your classroom day dreams/doodles?

Geometry, Chemistry and Trigonometry for the Nerds; why not have Dreametry for the Day Dreamers?

And that is why we have "Dreametry Doodle" now.
Keep Doodling!  -JanineXD (http://janinexd.com/)

I hope through this, It'll inspire you to make your own doodle; ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE.
Do make your own doodle and you can send this to leerakathleen@gmail.com  Your doodle will be posted here.


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