24 October 2011

Cosplayers Edition~ Interview with Ayu Alano

Ayu Alano
student/blogger/ninja princess of the Philippines

Describe yourself and what do you do?

I'm a nineteen year old graduating student nurse at Makati Medical Center - College of Nursing. I love Jesus and I live solely for Christ. I've accepted and proclaimed Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior last 2009 December. I dream of becoming a Medical Doctor specializing in Surgery someday. :)

I model for my friends and I do cosplay shoots. But I'm no pro. I'm just doing it for fun and to showcase the talents that our Heavenly Father gave me freely.

I blog about random blog-worthy circumstances in my life: Food reviews whenever I get to eat in certain not-so-common restaurants, self-portrait outfit photos, hair and make up tutorials, inspirational messages from the Bible and from my devotional book. Basically, I blog anything that I find interesting to share about. I also sell pre-loved outfits from my closet.

Tell us about your personal style.

I am highly influenced by tumblr posts and those that I see in Lookbook.nu. I really believe that you need not buy expensive and branded clothes for you to be fashion forward. Most of the time, I use old clothes and just mix and match it together with a simple denim + belt + minimal accessories + heels or flats + appropriate makeup then poof! Oh, I also believe that even though you're wearing the most expensive of all coutures but you don't have that inner happiness coming from your relationship with Jesus, your entire outfit-o will not be that...appealing. Moreover, never look at people who dress normally with haughty eyes. It's really a fashion turn off for me. Good styling + humility + smiling face = winner :)

What are your passions?

Jesus! I live my life for Christ Jesus alone. :) I'm passionate and really committed in serving God and maximizing all the gifts He gave me by honoring Him. Everything I do is for God's honor and glory. :)

Fashion Influences.

Tumblr! I'm influenced by Tumblr's tons of fashion photos that I browse almost everyday. 

Do you have any idols that you look up to?

Yes I do! Alodia Gosiengfiao; because she's really pretty and talented. She cosplays, she's a model, she's an endorser of many products, she's a pianist, she's an artist and she's a Filipina! :) Another is Emma Watson; because she's a wonderful actress and I'm really inspired by what she quoted: "The less you reveal, the more people can wonder" -- it just really shows that you can be a model and you can be really beautiful without showing skin and without revealing your whole bare self. Emma Watson is also a woman who is respected by most people, so plus points for her :) Lastly will be Solenn Heussaff; because she's really gorgeous! I really liked her when she joined Survivor Philippines. She's beauty and wit and I love her styling. She's also an artist and a painter! To top it all, she's a Filipina and she's really something that our country can be proud of.

What are your favorite blogs/sites?

She's a Filipina and her blog is amazing! I don't care if she floods my dashboard with her fashion posts. Her fashion photos really inspires me everyday. Another is http://iamsuperblessed.tumblr.com/
because of his/her daily dose of God centered posts. :)

What can't you live without?
Jesus and my Holy Bible. Followed by the Church I attend and grow to (Victory), my family, friends and my boyfriend Coke.

Top 3 places you want to visit?

The place where Jesus was born, Bethlehem and Golgotha in Jerusalem; where Jesus was crucified. I really want to worship Jesus there. If it is possible. I just want to be in those places where Jesus went and walked when He went here on Earth. Another will be in Paris, France. Lastly, New York.

Favorite Quote:

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." -Isaiah 41:10 ♥


                                              Some of her cosplay shoots

Your message to Kathastrophee..

Thanks a lot for the interview! :) May your blog flourish! May God bless you and may your blog contents be always pleasing and honorable to the Lord's eyes. See you!


     Now, that's all for Ayu :))

Photo Courtesy of Ayu Alano





  1. You are beautiful. Continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ for this is what our only purpose. God is great He gave you so much talent..

  2. You are beautiful. Continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ for this is what our only purpose. God is great He gave you so much talent..


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